Be Car Free! Ride A Bike! I am definitely not the first person to advocate city cycling, but I encourage everyone to ride, not drive, on whatever kind of bike. There are many beneficial aspects to cycling, but one of the things that attracted me to cycling and frame building was conscientious impact it has is on our environment, both ecologically and culturally, while thoroughly enjoying yourself.

Our city bikes are individually designed to meet your everyday needs for urban cycling, be it a 10-mile commute, a trip to the grocery store, or to meet your pals down at the pub. There is no need to wear special cycling clothes or even break a sweat (unless you live in Texas, where you basically sweat 9 months out of the year). The driving force behind any city bike should be low maintenance, a good riding position that allows for great visibility, and fun.

You may prefer a more upright, "sit up and beg" design like those found in the streets of Amsterdam or Copenhagen. Simple and sturdy, and great for taking in all that a city has to offer. These bikes are more about comfort than speed, but it's not always about going fast.

However, if you prefer going a little faster, a city bike modeled after the French porteur bikes may suit you better. These have a geometry similar to that of a road bike, but with a more upright position and are also designed to carry a load on the front of the frame.

Numerous modifications and options can be added to suit your needs. Custom racks, lighting systems, internally geared hubs, fenders and single speeds are always great for the town.
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