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The Custom Series allows the rider to have a completely unique, one-of-a-kind bike. From hand cut lugs to making lugs from scratch, polished stainless to flamboyant paint schemes, or designed to be equipped with rare vintage components, the options are endless. This is where the most beautiful bicycle dreams come true.


Custom Fit and Geometry

Tubing from Columbus.
Selected for Riding Style and Size

Show Quality Paint
(single color included)

Sterling Silver Head Badge Included

Sold as Frame and Fork
or Complete Bicycle


Frame and Fork
Starting at* $3000

Complete Bicycles
Starting at* $5500

Options and Extras:

Stainless Lugs
$300 matte
$800 polished

Stainless Tubing
$1000 matte or painted
$2000 polished

Lug Carving**
$125 per lug

Bi-laminate Lugs**

Internal Brake Line

Internal wiring for generator hub



Based on the knowledge and skills acquired from years of building extremely custom bikes, the Bespoke Series offers riders a streamlined approach to getting a handmade bicycle. The finest materials, quality paint work, and the best components have been selected to create a bike that will be an absolute joy to ride for years to come. The frames are still made one at a time and the geometry is still custom fit to the rider, but the options have been more standardized. This allows for quicker delivery times and more affordable price. These bikes are sold as completes only.


Custom Fit and Geometry

Tubing from Columbus. Selected depending on frame size and riding style

Lugs from Henry James, Richard Sachs or Llewelyn Cycles depending on frame size

Choice of 20 stock colors
(Single Color included)

A carbon fork is available on Road bikes; otherwise a handmade steel fork is standard

Sold as Complete Bicycles. Please inquire for full build options.


Complete Bicycles Starting At:*





Options and Extras:


Internal Brake Line

Internal wiring for generator hub

Sterling Silver Head Badge


There is a stock Randonneur model in the works. More info soon. If you can't wait till then, please send us an email and I will give you some details. If that sparks your interest even more, feel free to pre-order.


Custom Fork

Coupler Retrofit

Custom Racks
starting at $350


Bikes that require shipping will be charged at the best possible rate plus $50 for packing

Excessive design work will be charged at $40 per hour

Consultation for components that will then be purchased from another source will be charged at $40 per hour

A "Change of Order" will incur a $150 redesign fee plus the additional cost of any new materials required

Customer must provide paint color code if an exact color match is required, otherwise the painter is allowed to use his/her discretion in matching the desired color

*All Prices are based on current projects and serve as an estimates of the cost. Prices are subject to change due to changes in material costs, paint, and business costs. Final cost will be determined at the end of the project. Customers will be notified of any significant price increase during the project

**Designs for lug carving and bi-laminate lugs are "Builder's Choice"

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