Cycling is about discovery. It might be discovering your hometown, the areas around it, distant lands, or what you are made of racing in a pack or on a long brevet. Regardless, the bicycle is a tool to experience all of these things. Cycling can mean something different to each one of us, so the needs of our bicycle are different. This is really where the significance of a custom frame can be beneficial.

In our current climate of mass production, only the "average" cyclist is incorporated into the designs that the market offers. But our needs, desires and, most importantly, size are not "average." A frame designed for you can perform exactly how you want it to.

When designing and building our custom road frames, we first consider the style of riding you will do. This establishes a general idea of what kind of fit, comfort and level of performance you want. A long-distance road bike should fit and ride completely different from one used for racing.

An all day, or long distance road bike, might have a little slacker head and seat tube angles, lower bottom bracket, longer rear stays, and less handle bar drop. This creates a more relaxed position, with the body a little more upright and the longer stays dampening the road vibrations. If you want a traditional randonneuring frame, a low trail fork can be incorporated into the design to make the bike handle better with a front load.

A more race orientated frame will have steeper frame angles and a shorter rear end to create a more responsive bike. The handle bars can be set lower and possible stretched out a bit more to create a more aerodynamic position.

Once we know what kind of bike best suits your needs we then incorporate your physical data into the design both in terms of actual measurements and what works best for your comfort level.
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