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Nearly every component or piece of the frame can be individually chosen to meet the needs or desire of the cyclist. The design process begins when the type of bike is established, followed by an extensive fitting process. This incorporates both the collection of physical data of the cyclist's body structure along with his/her preferred riding style and how they want the frame/bicycle to ride.

All frames are made from steel. Tubing can be chosen from True Temper, Columbus, Deddaccia, and Reynolds. Tubing can also be made from a blend of the different companies in order to achieve a particular ride quality or "feel." The custom nature of a handmade bicycle allows for the selection of each individual tube to best suit the needs of the specific rider.

The cyclist can chose from either lugged or fillet brazed construction. Lugs are available from Henry James, Pacenti, Long Shen, and Llewelyn Bicycles. Lugs are joined by silver. After brazing, the lugs are then filed and thinned during the finishing process to reduce stress on the joints and to produce a more elegant appearance. Fillet brazing uses brass and is then filed smooth to produce a "seamless" joint between the tubing.

We like to make fully assembled bicycles whenever possible. Components from nearly every major company are available. Since the bicycle is a culmination of its individual parts, and only functions perfectly when all work in unison, the choice of components can play a major role in the design of the frame. It is best to have as many of the parts available during the design and building stages of the frame. This also provides a benefit to the customer since components can be secured more cheaply when purchasing a frame, rather than ordered from a local bike shop.
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