Ordering Process

If you are interested in ordering a bike please call or email to discuss the potential project. We will discuss your different options, pricing and the estimated delivery time. If you are satisfied with what I can offer you, then a $200 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place in the build queue. This will be used against your final cost.

Other than notifying you of your current place in the queue, there will be minimal discussions of your bike till it is time to get started. I try to place all of my focus on the project I am currently working on and find details go missed if I am juggling multiple projects at the same time. Please understand that your project will receive the same undivided attention when I am working on it. This also allows me to complete projects in a more timely fashion, and as a result your bike will get finished faster.

You will be contacted about a month before I start building your frame. At this time we will arrange a fitting for you. After that is complete I will then provide you with a design of the bike, materials and components list, a more accurate time table and a price estimate. Once you "OK" that information, I require half of the final price estimate to begin the build. The remaining half can be split up into smaller payments if needed, but the balance must be paid in full before delivery of the bike.
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