Welcome to Gallus Cycles

Gallus Cycles was born of a passion for cycling along with an appreciation for the bicycle as both an efficient machine and an object of beauty. In respect for the craft, and of the customer/cyclist, we will part with no bicycle that does not meet our high commitment to quality.

Although several great custom frame builders exist, the vast majority of bicycles are still produced overseas. These mass-produced models overlook the needs of individual cyclists, while differing little from each other except for the decals and paint scheme.

Gallus Cycles was launched to make comfortable, unique and soulful frames one at a time. It seeks to help preserve, promote and further the traditions of handmade bicycle frame building in the United States before the market is all but lost to the global economy.

While costing more than some foreign assembled frames, we believe the quality, fit and one-of-a-kind nature of our frames more than offset any added expense. Every effort is made to source materials domestically, thereby minimizing environmental impact and promoting U.S. products, in contrast to foreign frames and bicycles transported from half a world away.
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